tagathon, A MEANING

Growing up in a rural family in Samos, I learned from a very young age how to appreciate pure raw materials and recognize the best quality out there. The elders’ inclination towards the excellence of olive oil, wine, herbs, fruits and local vegetables always seemed quite correct.

My professional experience makes it an honor and a duty for me to promote Greek products of the highest quality and share this very vision with the most acclaimed producers. Our common goal is to bring Greek products close to those who wish to taste them, in their ideal version.

The raw material itself taught me what Love is and this Love serves as a motive for me to support Greek Products, the Epicurean “Agathon” that means longing for travel, inspiration, exploration, healthy eating and special, pure taste. Love for creation, passion for Greece.

TAGAΘON means Greece. A trip down memory lane, time, pleasure, joy, well-being and bliss. Each choice initiates you into a process of rooting for Greece and getting to know its unique nature as well as the work of its people.

TAGATHON is an invitation, sent from me to all of you: Let us all give the Greek products the exact place they deserve. A place at the top.

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