Black truffle honey, black truffle salt and oil, fresh Greek truffle sauce, wild thyme, petoura, wooden honey spoon. Greek tradition, diligence and countryside produce flavors and fragrances with poetic value and immaculate quality. Top quality goods that earn your respect.


MELICERA - Black Truffle Honey 100g
Yota left the field of biomedical science to join the family tradition of beekeeping in Trikala, Thessalia. Respect toward nomadic beekeeping and the environment, traditional methods of producing and collecting honey, as well as varieties that differ depending on the year, result in a unique type of honey. Directly from the honeycomb, it encompasses the various aromas of Greek nature.
A gourmet approach to traditional honey, with black truffle adding its special fragrance. A singular product with multiple uses in cooking and pastry making. It accompanies cold cuts, cheese selections, sauces and marinades.
PAVLINA KLAVOPOULOU - Black Truffle Salt 30g
May be used like typical salt in recipes in need of an extra touch of truffle taste. Goes well with eggs, grilled meats and vegetables.
PAVLINA KLAVOPOULOU - White Truffle Oil 60ml
Oil with a fresh Greek white autumn truffle scent.
Use it in salads, bruschettas, on white or yellow cheese and cold cuts, in pasta, risotto, soups, grilled meat and vegetables, eggs and on every other occasion calling for white truffle’s valuable aroma.
Fresh Greek truffle from Feneos, Korinthia, pure and without any preservatives, that turns into a lovely sauce when combined with extra virgin olive oil.
Goes well with cheese and cold cuts, risotto and pasta. An ideal aromatic for chicken, meat or fish sauces, eggs, canapés with vegetables and seafood, and bruschettas.
DAPHNIS & CHLOE - Wild Thyme Flowers 14g
The climate, the location and the qualities of the land provide us with a vast variety of over 1,200 Greek herbs. Intense aromas, antioxidant activity and therapeutic traits. Ever since the ancient times, Greek cuisine has been able to combine great taste with healthy eating, on a daily basis.
The wild mountain thyme flowers are handpicked one by one and then stored appropriately in order to maintain their Greek summer aroma. As a vitamin bomb full of minerals, rich in iron, calcium and potassium, thyme is profoundly antioxidant and beneficial when it comes to treating illnesses.
Rub it with your hand before you use it as tea, hot or cold, in cocktails, juices, marinades, meat and chicken BBQs, in every oven and casserole recipe, or simply to enrich your bread, cake and pastry cream with extra aroma.
ΑΓΡΟΖΥΜΗ - Petoura with Egg and Milk 500g
A family business from Aravissos in Giannitsa, Macedonia, transforming a simple pasta dish into a feast, by developing traditional (among others) recipes for Greek pasta since 1967.
Petoura are a special kind of pasta, a lot like hilopites, only wider, strongly resembling Italian pappardelle. Their appearance is impressive while their ability to result in wonderful dishes with the simplest recipes is remarkable. Made from hard wheat semolina, fresh milk and eggs they taste great even if you eat them plain. Try them with a tiny bit of olive oil or fresh butter and you will get the point.
WOODEN ART - Wooden Honey Spoon 11cm
Wooden honey dipper that makes collecting and serving honey easy.


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