Heather (erica) honey, pistachio paste, blackberry jam, wooden honey dipper. Breakfast as a motive for new, healthy eating habits, but as a Greece-inspired ritual as well.


FIVE TWENTY | Pistachio Praline Paste 190gr
Our company started in 2014. An idea born out of love for nice food and the desire to enjoy tasty products with high nutritional value.
A born out of a love for quality food, authentic flavours and our desire to highlight and make known the hidden treasures of Greek nature.
The initiative for this venture was taken by our family, in our farms located in the Aegina Island, we have been producing pistachios since 1956, continuing a three-generations-long farming tradition, combined with modern sustainable development practices.
Pistachio praline paste with a soft texture and a crunchy feel which takes your breakfast (or snack time! ) to the next level
Made from the purest ingredients, with 30% organic farming pista chios from our family farms in Aegina Island in Greece.
WOODEN ART | Wooden Honey Spoon 13cm
Wooden honey dipper that makes collecting and serving honey easy.


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