Tsikoudia, salty biscuits, Aegina pistachios, dried Kimi figs, Corinthian raisin. Tsikoudia meets its ultimate accompaniments and together they form a traditional synthesis full of grit and tastiness.


Vassilakis Estate - Cretan Tsikoudia 200ml
Traditional Cretan tsikoudia by Vassilakis Estate, in production for four generations. Grape extract with an alcohol concentration of 40%. Tsipouro is the most distinctive drink when it comes to accompanying Greek mezedes (munchies-treats). It is served freezing cold, in small glasses. Some people like it served with ice while others prefer freezing it and drinking it neat.
LES PETITS GRECS| - Almyra, Biscuits with Feta, Olives and Coriander 150g
With a passion for tradition along with a modern flair, a small company from Thessaloniki “collects” classic recipes and products able to magically transport us to Greece’s tastiest roads, by way of giving a second chance to sweets and treats that trigger the memory. Young and acclaimed chefs reimagine the concept of ‘grandma’s sweets’ and put their mark on its new version. Inspired by Cretan diet and recipes, these biscuits come with a high nutritional value and an impeccable taste, while combining the most popular local products with a new approach to healthy eating.
A pie is a traditional dish everybody loves. Practically, a pinch of flour enriched with whatever each land can provide and, above all, feta cheese. Inspired by a pie (pita), these salty biscuits combine feta with olive and spinach in a snack that resembles a trip to Greece. Eat it with everything, every hour of the day.
KELYFOS - Premium Roasted Peanuts with Fleur de Sel & Pink Pepper Flavor 330g
Near the ancient city of Megara, the microclimate and the soil favor the cultivation of a peanut variety with an intense flavor and aroma. This variety is naturally cultivated, it matures on the tree and is harvested by hand in a family business with 40 years of experience. A superfood -superior to all other peanuts- full of antioxidants, high quality protein and beneficial fats, vitamins and cortisol, an anti-stress hormone.
Great as a snack, as a cheese and cold cut accompaniment, as well as a smoothie, yogurt and cereal ingredient. Goes well with alcohol, salads, cakes, sweets, sauces for meat, pesto and other pasta sauces, and bread.
ASKADA - Dried Organic Kimi Figs 225g
The microclimate in Kimi, Euboea, contributes to the production of the area’s PDO fig, a thin skinned, sweet fig, rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. In the end of the summer, the ripe figs are naturally dehydrated and, filled with the flavor of the sun, they stick to each other in pairs, resulting in the “askada”, a handmade process passed down through generations. Deriving from the organic land in Kimi and produced according to traditional and respectful toward nature methods, these figs constitute valuable ingredients of a healthy diet.
Served as snacks and sweets or with bread, yogurt, cereal, in sauces for meat and chicken, or as a cheese and cold cuts accompaniments.
GOLDEN BLACK - Organic Corinthian Raisin 200g
Since the 15th century BC, the Corinthian raisin has been one of the most emblematic Greek products and an important financial asset of the country. At an altitude of 300 meters, in the area of Nemea, the organic raisin is collected annually in the end of August and it is naturally dehydrated in traditional, handcrafted constructions (Skies), so that it absorbs the flavor and nutritional value of the Greek summery sun. Full body, dark blue color, unique texture and natural sweetness. A legendary Greek product with high nutritional and antioxidant value.
Served as a snack, in sweets, in bread dough, in food in a pot or in the oven, in sauces for fish.


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