ANTIGONE CERAMICS - Shallow Plate 18cm Grey
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ANTIGONE CERAMICS - Deep Plate 13,5cm Grey
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ANTIGONE CERAMICS - Cappuccino Cup Grey
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BEE NATURALLES - Natural Propolis & Green Clay Soap 90g
While searching for nature’s most valuable secrets, a young couple left the city and relocated to Euboea where they opened a laboratory that aspires to combine tradition with science. With the phrase “enclosing nature” as their motto, they create a series of natural products which enclose the beneficial and therapeutic power of nature. Organic bee products, herbal extracts and essential oils with natural preservatives, all of them are masterfully employed to create a bond of respect and harmony with nature.
Natural antiseptic soap with organic propolis extract, green clay and rosemary & tea essential oils. A natural way of removing greasiness, which is why it is highly recommended for acne-prone skins. Appropriate for both face and body.


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