Aegina pistachios, raisins, dried figs, pasteli and almond butter. A box filled with organic products of a small, local Greek production, that goddess Demeter herself would surely choose.


KELYFOS - Premium Roasted Peanuts with Fleur de Sel & Pink Pepper Flavor 330g
Near the ancient city of Megara, the microclimate and the soil favor the cultivation of a peanut variety with an intense flavor and aroma. This variety is naturally cultivated, it matures on the tree and is harvested by hand in a family business with 40 years of experience. A superfood -superior to all other peanuts- full of antioxidants, high quality protein and beneficial fats, vitamins and cortisol, an anti-stress hormone.
Great as a snack, as a cheese and cold cut accompaniment, as well as a smoothie, yogurt and cereal ingredient. Goes well with alcohol, salads, cakes, sweets, sauces for meat, pesto and other pasta sauces, and bread.
GOLDEN BLACK - Organic Corinthian Raisin 200g
Since the 15th century BC, the Corinthian raisin has been one of the most emblematic Greek products and an important financial asset of the country. At an altitude of 300 meters, in the area of Nemea, the organic raisin is collected annually in the end of August and it is naturally dehydrated in traditional, handcrafted constructions (Skies), so that it absorbs the flavor and nutritional value of the Greek summery sun. Full body, dark blue color, unique texture and natural sweetness. A legendary Greek product with high nutritional and antioxidant value.
Served as a snack, in sweets, in bread dough, in food in a pot or in the oven, in sauces for fish.
ASKADA - Dried Organic Kimi Figs 225g
The microclimate in Kimi, Euboea, contributes to the production of the area’s PDO fig, a thin skinned, sweet fig, rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. In the end of the summer, the ripe figs are naturally dehydrated and, filled with the flavor of the sun, they stick to each other in pairs, resulting in the “askada”, a handmade process passed down through generations. Deriving from the organic land in Kimi and produced according to traditional and respectful toward nature methods, these figs constitute valuable ingredients of a healthy diet.

Served as snacks and sweets or with bread, yogurt, cereal, in sauces for meat and chicken, or as a cheese and cold cuts accompaniments.

FIVETWENTY - Almord Butter 250g
Dried nuts from Aegina and local producers from all over Greece, in a collaboration inspired by small-scale production Greek products, guarantee a nutritious culinary result as well as a respectful attitude towards the environment.
Pasteli Nutritionally Complete Meal 45g
Pasteli Nutritious Pleasure 45g
Pasteli Pistachio & Chocolate 45g

Three different bars, produced with the purest and most natural ingredients without being roasted, always healthy and rich in nutritious elements. The honey they contain is used cold, in order for it not to lose its nutritional value (which happens when it surpasses 40 degrees Celsius).

Appropriate as a snack, as a cake and tart ingredient, goes great with yogurt and cheesecake.


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