A book equivalent to a whole experience, that aligns tradition with modernity, a cooking apron, a shopping bag and a citrus scented candle. Cooking as a holistic life experience, through the eyes of Nomad Chef, Andreas Lagos.


ΕΛΛΗΝΟΕΚΔΟΤΙΚΗ - A Taste of Greece
Born into a rural family of Samos, nomad chef Andreas Lagos got the chance to learn the secrets of the earth and indulge the magic of local raw material from an early age. Being one of the most prominent chefs of the new generation, Andreas never turned his back on his roots, his island and its flavors. Rather than the recipe itself, his whole career focuses on preserving classic materials as well as reviving them in modern cuisine. This is a book that evokes tradition in order for it to reappear in our cooking and so, filled with emotion and nostalgia, it unfolds stories under the blinding light of a summer in Samos.
THE MAKERS - tagathon Apron
Cooking in style makes the food taste better. A unisex, body-hugging apron for cooks, in a soothing color reminiscent of sand in the summer. So elegant that one may keep it on, even when their guests arrive.
THE MAKERS - Nomad Market Bag
The ideal shopping bag has enough room for everything, as well as compartments to help you keep its content in order. It has no weight at all, it is made from natural flax and, above all, it is chic. This is the kind of shopping bag you fall in love with and take with you on every occasion.
MELICERA - Natural beeswax with Citrus Aroma
Leaving the biomedical field behind, Yota returned to beekeeping, her family’s traditional business in Trikala, Thessalia. Respect toward nomadic beekeeping and the natural environment, traditional methods of honey production and collection, and different varieties that depend on the season, offer a unique type of honey directly from the honeycomb that encloses the many aromas of Greek nature.

Pure, handmade, eco-friendly wax from 100% beeswax and soy, free of paraffin, accompanied by a handcrafted wooden lid, Fresh citrus aroma, emitting a complex essence of juicy orange slices, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit, just like a trip through the Greek orange groves.


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