Extra virgin olive oil, aniseed honey, plum olives, orzo with Florina pepper, dried figs, chickpeas, smoked chili flakes, sweet Samian wine, salty biscuits with olive, vinegar and Assyrtiko wine, raspberry jam, Aegina pistachios spread, as well as with fleur de sel and pink pepper. The rarest and finest products of the small, local Greek production. The Greek essence in small, therefore valuable doses.


STALIA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml
Gargalianoi Messinias is a place famous for its olive oil and olives, that have been cultivated in the area for the last 30,000 years. A cold pressed, fruity, spicy and mildly bitter extra virgin olive oil from 100% koroneiki variety. Produced within 12 hours from the moment of the olive picking early in November, so that the nutritious ingredients of the olives are preserved. An olive grove cultivated with mild methods and the know-how of an experienced family, still in the game after 5 generations, result in an extra virgin olive oil that combines tradition with contemporary knowledge.

Ideal in raw and boiled sauces, pulse and pasta salads, for casserole finishing, BBQ meat, chicken and fish, pastries and also for face treatments.

BEE NATURALLES - Organic Aniseed Honey 300g
While searching for nature’s most valuable secrets, a young couple left the city and relocated to Euboea where they opened a laboratory that aspires to combine tradition with science. With the phrase “enclosing nature” as their motto, they create a series of natural products which enclose the beneficial and therapeutic power of nature. Organic bee products, herbal extracts and essential oils with natural preservatives, all of them are masterfully employed to create a bond of respect and harmony with nature.

A particularly rare honey with nutritious features, aniseed, oak and wild herb aromas, a crystal texture and buttery flavor. The honey is derived from the mountains and wetlands of Northern Euboea, a magnificent and verdant area protected by Natura 2000.

Goes well with tea, coffee, herbal infusions, breakfast bread, yogurt, sweets and sauces. Serves as a healthy substitute for sugar in all its uses.

ARIADNE - Orzo with Florina Pepper 450g
A small cottage industry located in Zarouchla, Achaia, Peloponnese, that has been reanimating classic, traditional recipes made from pure, local ingredients such as goat milk and free-range eggs since 1999. Let the new age get the technology and tradition bring in the taste.

Ideal for a vegan diet, since it does not include eggs and milk, only a fresh paste of sweet, aromatic, red Florina pepper.
In soups, orzotto, or pasta dishes as a spaghetti replacement.

ASKADA - Dried Organic Kimi Figs 225g
The microclimate in Kimi, Euboea, contributes to the production of the area’s PDO fig, a thin skinned, sweet fig, rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. In the end of the summer, the ripe figs are naturally dehydrated and, filled with the flavor of the sun, they stick to each other in pairs, resulting in the “askada”, a handmade process passed down through generations. Deriving from the organic land in Kimi and produced according to traditional and respectful toward nature methods, these figs constitute valuable ingredients of a healthy diet.

Served as snacks and sweets or with bread, yogurt, cereal, in sauces for meat and chicken, or as a cheese and cold cuts accompaniments.

SALAMOUSAS - Medium Chickpeas from Limnos 400g
The island of Limnos, also known as the granary of the Aegean, has been famous all over the world for its agricultural products and wine since ancient times. A group of young people searches for old seeds and varieties of the island and brings them to life once more through a complete system of handling and contract farming. This is how the forgotten taste of local “Panagias” chickpeas (named after a village on the northeastern side of the island) reemerges and charms the senses. Easy-boiled, tasty and nutritious. They go well with soups, cold and warm salads, cold cuts and smoked fish, bread dough, hummus, meatballs, burgers, vegetables, meat, chicken, white or red sauce and casserole recipes with onions and olive oil.
RHOECO - Herbal Tea Blend Agros 20g
A group of young people draws inspiration from tradition in order to create a future where Flow, Ecology and Collaboration merge harmoniously.

Once the compostable packaging is empty, reuse it as a planting container.
Follow the instructions on the back side of the label, find the organic seed stick under the lid and grow your very own aromatic plants.
Help protect the environment by implementing circular economy and reducing waste.

Age is not about a number but about the physical and psychological health of each person. This tea blend, made of Greek herbs, is called Agros -meaning field in Greek- and evokes endless meadows, open horizons and mouthwatering freedom. Organic, Greek luisa, citrus, mountain tea, calendula and pennyroyal blend, with lemon aroma and a mountain tea aftertaste.

Cold or hot tea at all hours of the day. It may also be used in pastries, cakes, sauces and pastry cream for extra aroma. It also goes well with oven roasted meat, chicken and potatoes as raw blend in red or white sauces. Mix it with your smoothie, juice cocktail and regular cocktail.

DAPHNIS & CHLOE - Smoked Chili Flakes 50g
The climate, the location and the qualities of the land provide us with a vast variety of over 1,200 Greek herbs. Intense aromas, antioxidant activity and therapeutic traits. Ever since the ancient times, Greek cuisine has been able to combine great taste with healthy eating, on a daily basis.

The many endemic species of pepper play a fundamental part in the cuisine of Northern Greece. Famous since the time of the Ottoman occupation of Greece, karatzova of Almopia is one of the best known. Its cultivation was abandoned during the ‘80s with only a few families left to keep the tradition alive. The peppers are collected at the end of September and smoked on birch wood for 10 days. Then, they are cut into flakes by hand, giving the familiar, aromatic, smoked, sweet or spicy, essence of “boukovo”.

Goes well with marinades, BBQ, feta cheese with olive oil, soups, eggs, sauces, roasts or casseroles, cocktails with malt whiskey or cognac.

CORPHES - Blackberry Jam 260g
With love and respect toward nature and the earth, the brand Corphes has created a series of products that stand out thanks to their flavor and aroma.

Slightly processed handpicked blackberries, infused only with grape juice syrup, offer us a healthy jam with a lovely taste, vitamins and antioxidants that every person, no matter their age, can enjoy.

FIVETWENTY - Pistachio and Tahini Paste Spread 190gr
Dried nuts from Aegina and local producers from all over Greece, in a collaboration inspired by small-scale production Greek products, guarantee a nutritious culinary result as well as a respectful attitude towards the environment.
SAMOS WINE - Grand Cru Sweet Wine 500ml
According to the myth, it was god Dionysus who gave vine to the people of Samos, in order for them to cultivate it on mountainous ridges and produce muscat wine from muscat grape. Samian wine has been traveling all over the world since antiquity, reaching a point in the 17th century where the island was the main source of wine production for both the western and the eastern market. Moreover, in the 19th century the Roman Catholic Church gave Samos its permission to produce sacramental wine. The United Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos carries on the ancient tradition and is considered among the 10 biggest wineries of the country, while managing to trade the island’s production almost in its entirety and win a plethora of international awards in the meantime.

A natural, sweet wine, the most famous among all wines of Samos, topaz colored, with an intense muscat grape aroma. Fresh, soft on the palate and harmoniously sweet, it is made of ripe grapes taken from semi-mountainous vineyards.
Serve it as an aperitif, a digestif or a cocktail. Goes well with yellow cheese, dairy cream or béchamel, and grilled chicken. Comes in handy for pastry making, white or fruity creams, as well as sauces for beef, game meat, pork or chicken. Perfect for the ideal sabayon.

PETITS GRECS - Almyra, Biscuits with Feta, Olives and Coriander 150g
With a passion for tradition along with a modern flair, a small company from Thessaloniki “collects” classic recipes and products able to magically transport us to Greece’s tastiest roads, by way of giving a second chance to sweets and treats that trigger the memory. Young and acclaimed chefs reimagine the concept of ‘grandma’s sweets’ and put their mark on its new version. Inspired by Cretan diet and recipes, these biscuits come with a high nutritional value and an impeccable taste, while combining the most popular local products with a new approach to healthy eating.
A pie is a traditional dish everybody loves. Practically, a pinch of flour enriched with whatever each land can provide and, above all, feta cheese. Inspired by a pie (pita), these salty biscuits combine feta with olive and spinach in a snack that resembles a trip to Greece. Eat it with everything, every hour of the day.
GAIA WINES - Santorini Assyrtiko Vinegar 250ml
One of the biggest wineries in Greece, that creates a unique vinegar from the Assyrtiko variety. Τhe grape must is divided into two parts. The first one turns into wine, spending 4 years of acidification in oak barrels. The other one is boiled in copper pots, giving a thick kind of syrup. Soon after, these two parts become one and age inside oak barrels for one more year. The French Orleanian and the aceto balsamico method from Italy unite in Greece and result in a priceless vinegar, both sweet and aromatic, for a production of only 5,000 bottles.
Goes well with salads, sweets, cocktails, marinades and sweet & sour sauces. It is the right finishing for sautéed chicken or meat on the grill pan, adding a sweet & sour finesse to practically anything.
KELYFOS - Premium Roasted Peanuts with Fleur de Sel & Pink Pepper Flavor 330g
Near the ancient city of Megara, the microclimate and the soil favor the cultivation of a peanut variety with an intense flavor and aroma. This variety is naturally cultivated, it matures on the tree and is harvested by hand in a family business with 40 years of experience. A superfood -superior to all other peanuts- full of antioxidants, high quality protein and beneficial fats, vitamins and cortisol, an anti-stress hormone.
Great as a snack, as a cheese and cold cut accompaniment, as well as a smoothie, yogurt and cereal ingredient. Goes well with alcohol, salads, cakes, sweets, sauces for meat, pesto and other pasta sauces, and bread.
WOODEN ART - Wooden Honey Spoon 11cm
Wooden honey dipper that makes collecting and serving honey easy.


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