Roasted pistachios, liqueur, jam, forest honey, tea, traditional kourabiedes and more exciting delicacies await those willing to try the new Christmas Box by tagathon. Winter coziness, immaculate flavors and top-quality products festively unite to ease your hunger and entertain your senses.


KELYFOS - Premium Roasted Peanuts with Fleur de Sel & Pink Pepper Flavor 330g
Near the ancient city of Megara, the microclimate and the soil favor the cultivation of a peanut variety with an intense flavor and aroma. This variety is naturally cultivated, it matures on the tree and is harvested by hand in a family business with 40 years of experience. A superfood -superior to all other peanuts- full of antioxidants, high quality protein and beneficial fats, vitamins and cortisol, an anti-stress hormone.
Great as a snack, as a cheese and cold cut accompaniment, as well as a smoothie, yogurt and cereal ingredient. Goes well with alcohol, salads, cakes, sweets, sauces for meat, pesto and other pasta sauces, and bread.
VATOS - Cornelian Cherries Liqueur 200ml
Fresh dogwood berry, kiwi, buckthorn, apple, plum, pomegranate, quince, lotus, elderflower, apple geranium, lemon verbena, chamomile and linden flower, naturally extracted, without chemicals and flavor enhancers, form an aromatic liqueur that evokes memories of Greek tradition. Great as a digestif, in cocktails, with ice and soda, for pastry making and white creams, chocolate creams, in meat, chicken and vegetable sauces
Garden Tales - Jam 240g
Garden Tales is a small family business from Kavala that collaborates with local cooperatives and womens’ associations in order to share the flavor and history of its products with all of us.

Garden Tales produces seasonal jams using fruits from local farms, selected carefully according to their quality and aroma.

The jam preparation and processing is a handmade procedure. No aromatic or color additives are included. The fruits used always come in limited quantities and they are being processed in small batches so that their flavor and aroma stay intact.

The raw material for the orange jam of Garden Tales derives from a small farm in the area of Argos.

NIRRA - Forest Honey 250g
Pure, organic and 100% unprocessed, rich in minerals and four times higher in antioxidants than any other forest honey in the world. A special kind of honey, emitting all the aromas of the Halkidiki forest, a habitat protected by Natura 2000. Oaks, pine trees, fir trees, linden trees, wild herbs and 1100 rare, native plant species infuse with their rich and unique aroma a dark colored honey that is produced in the most natural way possible.

Appropriate for/goes great with tea, coffee, herb infusion, breakfast bread, yogurt, sweets, sauces. Serves as a sugar substitute in all of its uses.

RHOECO - Christmas Tea 20g
The most magical season of the year is the festive season and Rhoeco’s new blend, CHRISTMAS TEA, is the ideal accompaniment! Discover a particular and balanced combination of organic herbs and spices that will put you in a cheerful mood while keeping you the best company during the cold winter days. Having no extra aroma other than that of the beloved Greek herbs and explosive spices, the CHRISTMAS herbal blend by Rhoeco promises to become your new favorite! This is a treat for the herb-lovers as well as for those who are always on the lookout for spicy and complicated flavors! Ingredients: orange peel, mountain tea, ginger, cinnamon, louisa, sage, hyssop, wild rose, cardamom, carnation.

PETITS GRECS - Greek Coffee Kourabies 96g
“Kourabies” is a Greek treat, indispensable to your Christmas table, that sweetens and enhances every festive occasion. As a symbol of Greek hospitality and as a welcoming gift, it is often served to visitors.

In the past, women used to take part in a silent, unofficial contest, trying to prove themselves as the best kourabie cooks, which explains the innumerable recipes one can find out there.

PETIT GRECS follows the most popular family recipe, from the city of Kavala in northeastern Greece.

Greek coffee, with its special aroma and slightly acid taste, offers an interesting subversion which renders the kourabiedes ideal accompaniments for your coffee, tea or alcoholic drink.

ESOPHY - Christmas Crunchies 150g
Yummy munchies with freshly roasted crispy almonds and velvety milk chocolate with Christmas spices & aromatic orange.
FIVETWENTY - Aegina Pistachio Cream with Chocolate 210g
An original idea that chocolate aficionados are going to fall in love with! Enjoy the buttery taste of the Aigina pistachio cream combined with chocolate and feel the all-day-lasting energy effect!


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