Mastic liqueur, sweet rose, amygdallota and small bites of chocolate.
The perfect treat at a party, for friends, family, sweets, aromatic products from Greek hands and producers.


ROOTS | Mastic liqueur 350ml
Through the most traveled Greek spirits!
ROOTS is a Greek family of premium liqueurs, which revive old recipes with a rich tradition and contain 100% natural ingredients. You can find them in one of the best bars in the world, or in the cellar of your neighborhood.

A handicraft liqueur with Chios mastic in a recipe of centuries from Greece
Roots Mastic is pure Chios mastic distillate. The composition exclusively from rich distillation of Chios Mastic without any other additions contribute to the creation of the most exquisite, pure and unforgettable Mastic.
You can find it in some of the best bars in the world, or at home you can enjoy it as a cold digestive after a meal, or all the time with ice, lemon and a little tonic or soda.

GAREDEN | Wild rose sweet spoon 310g
Family business which was founded in June 2020. My family’s long experience in the wild rose sweet, other spoon sweets, as well as the pleasure that our involvement offers us in its entire range of operation were the reasons for this decision. So even though I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Patras, my love for the primary sector, combined with this unique and special in processing and taste sweet of wild rose, which is prepared-packaged immediately after its morning harvest, and which my family, according to the special local method, used to prepare for home, relatives and friends, made me deal professionally with its production.
The brand name includes two words, the words “garden” and “eden” letting us think of Garden of Eden. It was chosen as an idea to give importance to nature and therefore to our natural and pure products.

A unique local desert/delicacy with an outstanding aroma and delicious taste. It is made from roses of our own cultivation according to the traditional recipe, making it special. The product has NO preservatives and NO artificial colours and flavourings. It can be used as a topping for ice cream or yogurt as well as in combination with savory snacks.

LES PETITS GRECS | Rozedes, Traditional Amygdalota (almond cookies) 96g
With a passion for tradition along with a modern flair, a small company from Thessaloniki “collects” classic recipes and products able to magically transport us to Greece’s tastiest roads, by way of giving a second chance to sweets and treats that trigger the memory. Young and acclaimed chefs reimagine the concept of ‘grandma’s sweets’ and put their mark on its new version. Inspired by Cretan diet and recipes, these biscuits come with a high nutritional value and an impeccable taste, while combining the most popular local products with a new approach to healthy eating.
In every wedding, christening or feast, Greek housewives tend to bake amygdalota, those small sweets made from Greek almond and sugar. The amygdalota are popular all over Greece but mainly on the islands, such as Kithira, the island goddess Aphrodite chose to live with god Eros, where the best recipes come from anyway.
ESOPHY | Fruits & nuts crunhies 170g
The story of ÉSOPHY, is the story of us, Sophia & Evdokia.
We are two passion ate and visionary professional chocolatiers, with a strategic marketing background coming from working for some of the largest FMCG &food service companies in Greece and abroad, that decided to follow our dreams & create the most inspired and passion ate chocolate. So, we founded ÉSOPHY, and with it we established our philosophy of doing things.
ÉSOPHY makes daily, the freshest chocolates inspired by the Mediterranean tradition, it’s a bundant and fascinating flavors and its rich culture. All our chocolate recipes are designed in-house. Our philosophy is that every chocolate should un veil a memory, rooted in flavors that define true quality.

Delicious fruits and freshly roasted nuts, coated in thin layers of rich chocolate, are always a must have on your table for you or your guests.

Crunchies with almonds, hazelnuts, cranberries & raisins in dark chocolate
A blend of dried fruits and roasted nuts coated in smooth dark chocolate. We are generous with our combinations, so you will be fascinated by the crispy, nutty and juicy mouth feel. Keep in mind that this prestigious treat is artisanal so no two crunchies have the same shape yet their delicious taste is consistent!


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Mastic liqueur, sweet rose, amygdallota and small bites of chocolate.
The perfect treat at a party, for friends, family, sweets, aromatic products from Greek hands and producers.

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