Amygdalota, herbs, organic pomegranate marmalade, pure honey from Chalkidiki, lemon-bergamot chocolate, chocolate with olive oil and salt, chocolate loukoumi, wooden honey dipper. The ideal equipment for an alternative kind of lifestyle, with an organic foundation and a plethoric quality.


PETITS GRECS - Rozedes, Traditional Amygdalota (almond cookies) 96g
With a passion for tradition along with a modern flair, a small company from Thessaloniki “collects” classic recipes and products able to magically transport us to Greece’s tastiest roads, by way of giving a second chance to sweets and treats that trigger the memory. Young and acclaimed chefs reimagine the concept of ‘grandma’s sweets’ and put their mark on its new version. Inspired by Cretan diet and recipes, these biscuits come with a high nutritional value and an impeccable taste, while combining the most popular local products with a new approach to healthy eating.
In every wedding, christening or feast, Greek housewives tend to bake amygdalota, those small sweets made from Greek almond and sugar. The amygdalota are popular all over Greece but mainly on the islands, such as Kithira, the island goddess Aphrodite chose to live with god Eros, where the best recipes come from anyway.
RHOECO - Organic Herbal Tea Blen “Sea Tea” 20g
A group of young people draws inspiration from tradition in order to create a future where Flow, Ecology and Collaboration merge harmoniously.
Once the compostable packaging is empty, reuse it as a planting container.
Follow the instructions on the back side of the label, find the organic seed stick under the lid and grow your very own aromatic plants. Help protect the environment by implementing circular economy and reducing waste.
The aquatic ecosystem is synonymous with serenity and relaxation. A trip in the Aegean as a mental experience someone could access alternatively through a cup of tea. This is a combination of pure Greek and intensely aromatic herbs, the color of amber and a sweet, antistress aftertaste.
Try it before you go to sleep or during the day in the form of cold or warm tea. May lend its aroma to pastry creams, bread dough, oven potatoes, grilled chicken and meat. Goes well with smoothies, juices and cocktails.
ODE - Pomegranate and Apple Jam 240g
100% pomegranate homemade jam, full of vitamins and antioxidants, blessed with the exquisite aroma of the “wonderful” organic variety from Elassona, on the foothills of Olympus. Sugarless, dye free, with no preservatives and no glycose, it draws its sweetness from natural grape juice.
Goes well with breakfast, yogurt, cereal, smoothies, ice cream, trifles, cold or baked cheesecake, sablé, cupcakes and white cream cakes such as charlotte.
NIRRA - Forest Honey 250g
Pure, organic and 100% unprocessed, rich in minerals and four times higher in antioxidants than any other forest honey in the world. A special kind of honey, emitting all the aromas of the Halkidiki forest, a habitat protected by Natura 2000. Oaks, pine trees, fir trees, linden trees, wild herbs and 1100 rare, native plant species infuse with their rich and unique aroma a dark-colored honey that is produced in the most natural way possible.
Appropriate for/goes great with tea, coffee, herb infusion, breakfast bread, yogurt, sweets, sauces. Serves as a sugar substitute in all of its uses.
ESOPHY - Milk chocolate with Lemon, Bergamot & Orange 50g
An “ethical”, woman-made chocolate by two young girls who dreamt of creating a fresh, handmade, Mediterranean chocolate using the finest and purest raw material.
Balanced aromas of velvet milk chocolate and orange, lemon and bergamot peel, collected in their prime.
ESOPHY - 70% Dark Chocolate, White Olive Oil & Sea Salt 50g
As a symbol of health and wellbeing, olive oil represents the heart of Greek taste. A bitter and salty combination of the purest Greek salt, olive oil from the Peloponnese and dark chocolate.
ESOPHY - Rose Dark Chocolate 50g
Chocolate intensity of 60% and a nostalgic rose aroma, evoking memories of spring gardens and traditional sweets.
WOODEN ART - Wooden Honey Spoon 11cm
Wooden honey dipper that makes collecting and serving honey easy.


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