Olive oil, lentils, chickpeas, fava bean, tomato and orange jam, olives, thyme, flower of salt and vinegar, able to grace the best natural recipes, along with the purest products of Greek production, in the most delicious way possible. For both vegetarians and vegans.


DR. KAVVADIA - Organic Antioxidant Rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
A multi-awarded, extra virgin olive oil from Corfu, particularly rich in polyphenols. Apart from an olive grove where the lianolia variety is being cultivated, Apostolos Kavvadias inherited one more thing from his grandfather. That would be the knowledge that the right kind of olive oil serves as a precious medicine, since a ½ tablespoon protects the human body from oxidative stress and more. He also inherited the love for organic cultivation as well as his respect toward trees, nature and the environment. A mildly fruity olive oil, spicy and bitter, extracted at 27 degrees from organically cultivated olives that manage to produce a valuable essence only 6 hours after having been picked.

Ideal for raw and boiled salads, legume and pasta salads, casseroles, pastry making and the serving of BBQ meat, chicken and fish. Great as a skin cosmetic product.

EGLOUVI LENTILS - Authentic Traditional Lentils 500g
In the very heart of Lefkada, at an altitude of 9000 meters, the village of Eglouvi has been cultivating a unique variety of lentil, known for its taste and nutritional value, for centuries now. An emblematic, unspoiled seed that managed to stand the test of time from generation to generation, produces a superfood kind of lentil, without fertilizers, weed killers and chemicals, in the most organic way possible.
Carbs, natural protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and a small-scale, yearly produce, give one of the rarest products of the global market.
Magnificent in soups, warm and cold salads, vegan burgers. Goes well with cold cuts, cheese, smoked fish, hummus, vegetable and meat stew.
SALAMOUSAS - Medium Chickpeas from Limnos 400g
The island of Limnos, also known as the granary of the Aegean, has been famous all over the world for its agricultural products and wine since ancient times. A group of young people searches for old seeds and varieties of the island and brings them to life once more through a complete system of handling and contract farming. This is how the forgotten taste of local “Panagias” chickpeas (named after a village on the northeastern side of the island) reemerges and charms the senses. Easy-boiled, tasty and nutritious. They go well with soups, cold and warm salads, cold cuts and smoked fish, bread dough, hummus, meatballs, burgers, vegetables, meat, chicken, white or red sauce and casserole recipes with onions and olive oil.
OKTO ADELPHIA - Fava from Schinoussa 400g
Split peas from Schinoussa, an island of the Small Cyclades, are a unique small-scale production variety of fava deriving from the ancient “katsouni” seed. This hard to cultivate, strictly handmade produce reemerges now thanks to a few young producers who have decided to save it from extinction. When cooked, fava takes the form of a velvety cream, full of beneficial nutrients that may replace meat in a healthy or vegan diet. A vertical production that takes on the whole procedure, from the plant cultivation to the handmade packaging.
Served as an appetizer or a salad, goes well with soups, cold cuts, eggs, vegetables, salted or smoked fish, olive oil and onions.
DIVINE GOLDEN PLUM OLIVES - Blonde Plum Olives 350g
Stemming from an ancient Greek variety, the fleshy plum olive can reach up to 30g. Two doctors from Argolis, Peloponnese, an area famous for its olives since ancient times, developed the old, ancestral olive grove while combining traditional methods with a new take on its handling. Thus, they managed to deliver exquisite olives with natural and purely Greek techniques. Without preservatives and artificial coloring, this is a low sodium type of olive with a special appearance, texture, taste and personality.
Ideal as a snack, in a cheese or cold cuts platter as a drink accompaniment, in a sandwich, in warm and cold salads, in potato salads, in appetizers with smoked fish, in pizza, in meat and chicken casseroles, in cakes, pies, and soufflés.
DAPHNIS & CHLOE - Wild Thyme Flowers 14g
The climate, the location and the qualities of the land provide us with a vast variety of over 1,200 Greek herbs. Intense aromas, antioxidant activity and therapeutic traits. Ever since the ancient times, Greek cuisine has been able to combine great taste with healthy eating, on a daily basis.

The wild mountain thyme flowers are handpicked one by one and then stored appropriately in order to maintain their Greek summer aroma. As a vitamin bomb full of minerals, rich in iron, calcium and potassium, thyme is profoundly antioxidant and beneficial when it comes to treating illnesses.
Rub it with your hand before you use it as tea, hot or cold, in cocktails, juices, marinades, meat and chicken BBQs, in every oven and casserole recipe, or simply to enrich your bread, cake and pastry cream with extra aroma.

NEOLEA - Sea Salt with Citrus Aroma 100g
Lemon, orange and bergamot peel aromas can give your favorite dishes an intense, elevating freshness. Ideal for grilled fish, ceviche, eggs, sauces and seafood.
GAIA WINES - Santorini Assyrtiko Vinegar 250ml
One of the biggest wineries in Greece, that creates a unique vinegar from the Assyrtiko variety. Τhe grape must is divided into two parts. The first one turns into wine, spending 4 years of acidification in oak barrels. The other one is boiled in copper pots, giving a thick kind of syrup. Soon after, these two parts become one and age inside oak barrels for one more year. The French Orleanian and the aceto balsamico method from Italy unite in Greece and result in a priceless vinegar, both sweet and aromatic, for a production of only 5,000 bottles.
Goes well with salads, sweets, cocktails, marinades and sweet & sour sauces. It is the right finishing for sautéed chicken or meat on the grill pan, adding a sweet & sour finesse to practically anything.


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