Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, aromatic salt. The absolute essentials can indeed give us wonderful recipes and flavors. An ode to simplicity as the foundation of the finest luxury.


MONOGRAM - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Valanolia Variety 250ml
Authentic organic extra virgin olive oil from Lesvos with a vivid yellow-gold color and a remarkably tender and fluid texture that resembles no other Greek olive variety. An intensely fruity olive oil with a bitter and sharp character. A complex aromatic profile with an aftertaste of fresh and green tomato.
DOMAINE COSTA LAZARIDI - Gold Seal Botanico 100ml
One of the biggest wineries in Greece joins the adventure of balsamic vinegar making, a technique grounded in a 2,500-year-old Greek tradition. Condensed must and wine from the vineyard blend and age in oak barrels. Extended contact with wood results in a complex and deep flavor.
Try it in salads, sweets, cocktails, marinades, sweet & sour sauces, in sauteed chicken or meat in the grill pan. Works perfectly in recipes where finesse and a sweet & sour feel are of the essence.
NEOLEA - Sea Salt with Citrus Aroma 100g
Lemon, orange and bergamot peel aromas can give your favorite dishes an intense, elevating freshness. Ideal for grilled fish, ceviche, eggs, sauces and seafood.
DAPHNIS & CHLOE - Smoked Chili Flakes 50g
The many endemic species of pepper play a fundamental part in the cuisine of Northern Greece. Famous since the time of the Ottoman occupation of Greece, karatzova of Almopia is one of the best known. Its cultivation was abandoned during the ‘80s with only a few families left to keep the tradition alive. The peppers are collected at the end of September and smoked on birch wood for 10 days. Then, they are cut into flakes by hand, giving the familiar, aromatic, smoked, sweet or spicy, essence of “boukovo”.
Goes well with marinades, BBQ, feta cheese with olive oil, soups, eggs, sauces, roasts or casseroles, cocktails with malt whiskey or cognac.


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