Μπισκότα με μαύρη σοκολάτα και αμύγδαλο, κουλουράκι πορτοκάλι, αποξηραμένα σύκα Κύμης, μαύρο τσάι. Η ανάμνηση δημιουργεί έναν υπέροχο δεσμό με την παράδοση και με τη νοστιμιά, μεταφέροντάς μας σε έναν κόσμο όπου η ξεχωριστή γεύση, η ποιότητα και η χαλάρωση έχουν τον πρώτο λόγο.
Biscuits with dark chocolate and almond, orange cookies, dried Kimi figs, black tea. Remembering the past forges a special bond with tradition and tastiness. This is a world where flavors, quality and relaxation take the lead.


PETITS GRECS - Almond & Cocoa Biscuits 120g
With a passion for tradition along with a modern flair, a small company from Thessaloniki “collects” classic recipes and products able to magically transport us to Greece’s tastiest roads, by way of giving a second chance to sweets and treats that trigger the memory. Young and acclaimed chefs reimagine the concept of ‘grandma’s sweets’ and put their mark on its new version. Inspired by Cretan diet and recipes, these biscuits come with a high nutritional value and an impeccable taste, while combining the most popular local products with a new approach to healthy eating.
Tasty, traditional, round cookies with grated almonds. The beneficial elements of the almonds render the biscuits an ideal snack, even for those who are on a diet. The recipe by Les Petits Grecs combines nutritional value with superb taste.
PETITS GRECS - Orange Cookies 120g
Butter cookies with a scent of fresh orange peel are a traditional Easter delicacy. Ideal to be served with your breakfast and coffee. Great as a snack for the kids or even grated, as a base for cheesecake, sprinkled on your ice cream and all sorts of creams. Orange cookies are so tasty you simply cannot do without them.
ASKADA - Dried Organic Kimi Figs 225g
The microclimate in Kimi, Euboea, contributes to the production of the area’s PDO fig, a thin skinned, sweet fig, rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. In the end of the summer, the ripe figs are naturally dehydrated and, filled with the flavor of the sun, they stick to each other in pairs, resulting in the “askada”, a handmade process passed down through generations. Deriving from the organic land in Kimi and produced according to traditional and respectful toward nature methods, these figs constitute valuable ingredients of a healthy diet.
Served as snacks and sweets or with bread, yogurt, cereal, in sauces for meat and chicken, or as a cheese and cold cuts accompaniments.
Strong flavored SHAMAN Tea is an exciting, handmade blend of freshly ground spices and high-quality black tea, with a pungent aftertaste.
It offers a unique, relaxing, soothing and rejuvenating combination of sensations. Cinamon, carnation and the exceptionally aromatic cardamom lend an interesting flavor, complemented by ginger, black pepper and chili. Try it with some milk and sugar, or even plain. Served warm in winter and cold in summer.


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