The way I see and treat it in my kitchen, the term Nomad expresses the ability given to me by cooking to harmoniously combine different elements, spaces, situations and needs by way of creating a unique experience.



I was born and raised in Samos, into a rural family. I remember myself cooking for my family from a very young age, ever since I learned how to use and recognize the raw materials coming from our fields. I always dreamed of leaving Samos and spreading my wings, in order to study the art of cooking. And so, my dream came true thanks to my patience, tenacity, strong will and hard work.

I studied cooking and pastry at Le Monde Culinary Institute in Athens and at the age of 19 I won a golden medal at the Pan-European Contest for Mediterranean Cooking in Crete.

One of my favorite life mottos is lifelong learning. In 2005, I found myself in the kitchen of the legendary hotel Ritz in Paris and took a seminar on traditional French cooking.

My collaboration with Chrysanthos Karamolegkos at the emblematic Athenian restaurant “Aristera-Deksia” was a milestone in my career. After that, I worked at the amazing “Tomata” restaurant in Santorini and not long after, I became Head Chef at the “Asterias” restaurant in Sani Resort.

I have curated the concept making project for the Canal restaurant at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, as well as the restaurant of the Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art.

I am an accredited chef of Kensington Palace, having offered my services as private chef to the British Royal Family.

My love and respect toward Greece have been put into words in my book “A Taste of Greece” which was translated in English. This is a book that was promoted in Europe’s biggest bookshops, thus reaffirming that substantial food evokes memories and experiences that fulfill your needs and nourish your soul.

In 2010 I began appearing on Greek tv, on Eleni Psychouli’s show “Chef on Air”. Later on, I joined other tv shows too as a chef in cooking segments.

My need for research and evolution led me to a quest outside the narrow limits of a restaurant’s kitchen, so I created my own philosophy of cooking and food. This is how the “Nomad by Andreas Lagos” concept was brought to life.

In my capacity as Nomad Chef, I share my philosophy and experience on a global level.

I travel the world, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Cyprus, and develop culinary projects aiming at the promotion of Greek cuisine, Greek philosophy, and Greece as a whole.

My constant search for new culinary experiences together with the important collaborations I have achieved with various food service companies overseas, have rendered me the only chef in Greece involved in new product research and development (R&D). I work as a special advisor to a number of food production units on projects concerning the creation of new products, a process that includes both the original concept and the mass production-oriented recipes.

I collaborate with restaurants, hotels and units of food service and product creation, offering services that range from overseeing the kitchen design, choosing the right equipment, creating complete menus and recipe developing and pricing, to operational design, space functionality manuals, staff training and contemporary trend researching.


My Nomad philosophy took me beyond the limits of a restaurant’s kitchen. I suppose you could call me a wanderer, a person who loves adventure as well as discovering and creating new flavors. My decision not to stay in one place for long helps me evolve and makes me happy on a personal level. This is what allows me to “enter other people’s homes” and transmute personal moments into cooking, while at the same time communicating the philosophy and the rituals of taste to those who long for it.

I am a chef who offers “clear” flavors, with no redundant ingredients. Simplicity, respect for raw materials and the use of seasonal goods -nature’s finest gift- are my top priorities.

My cooking philosophy as Nomad is simple and straightforward, like a classic recipe.

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